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John Murphy john.murphy at he.net
Mer 22 Fév 23:09:06 CET 2023

Good afternoon, 


Any feedback on my last email below? Unlike most of our competitors,
Hurricane Electric has an open peering policy so we are always happy to peer
with networks. This is a big part of the reason why our backbone is
connected to 10,000+ networks; why we have more IPv4 network peers, better
presence at more internet exchange points, and why we are also the global
IPv6 leader with twice as many IPv6 network peers.


But, peering with us only gives you access to 11% of our global routes. A
dedicated transit connection with HE gives you 100% access to ALL of HE's
global routes via 10,400+ ASN / network connections (BGP peers)


More ASN / network connections in your upstream transit fabric = better
global routes via shortest AS_PATH's = superior performance. 

With any IP Transit port, we include up to two BGP sessions (each
IPv4+IPv6), and/or up to two VLANs; and/or up to a /27 IPv4 allocation (32
IPv4 addresses, of which 3 are used for network, gateway, and broadcast
address; subject to justification per ARIN requirements. 

For ASN/BGP customers with existing connectivity at an internet exchange
point (IXP) in mainland North America or Europe, we can also provide IP
Transit over most IXPs, 

No other IP network has as many BGP peers as Hurricane Electric for superior


I would welcome an opportunity to get involved in your next bid cycle? I am
happy to discuss service and potential a 7-day free trial.  Get a great feel
for capabilities of Hurricane Electric's global reach.



John Murphy


From: John Murphy <john.murphy at he.net> 
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 9:01 AM
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Subject: RE: Hurricane Electric AS6939 AS60197


Good afternoon,


John Murphy,  your commercial contact at Hurricane Electric.   I am
forwarding you my information for potential future IP Transit opportunities
with your company.


Our goal is to provide flawless, the lowest latency and superior service to
our Global customers. 


Currently, this is how we view your connection below:




Per Dyn/Renesys, Hurricane Electric is the most connected Internet backbone
in the world. Hurricane Electric (AS6939) has 9300+ global networks directly
connected via over 252+ major exchanges and private peering points.  Most
eyeballs,  lowest latency on most routes.


Thousands of service providers and enterprise customers depend on Hurricane
Electric to reliably connect them to the Global Internet each and every day.

Low Latency and vast reach make us one of the best in the industry.


You can find our global network map and POP locations here: 




https://he.net/layer2/ (interactive layer 2 transport latency) 

https://pop.he.net/pop-list-for-ipt-page.php (cloud data center POP list) 


Reasons why you should consider Hurricane as your supplier: 


        253+ Internet Exchanges 

        280+ global POPs 

        52+ countries

        130K+ customer prefixes (~16% global BGP/Internet routing table) 

        9200+ ASNs directly connected (~13% of the Internet) - This is more
than any other Tier 1 network with shortest AS_PATH to final destination. 

        #1 in IPv6 and v4 BGP sessions. 


We also provide DDoS protection using BGP Flowspec. 


Finally, I can provide a 7-day free trial if necessary so you can evaluate
out network.


Please let me know if you would consider Hurricane Electric during your next
capacity expansion or renewal.


Thank you,


Global Relationship Manager

John Murphy

Office: 510-580-4223

Direct:+1.917 804 1383

john.murphy at he.net <mailto:john.murphy at he.net> 

 <https://bgp.he.net/> https://bgp.he.net

www.linkedin.com/in/johnmurphy/ <http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmurphy/> 

AS6939 - #1 IPv6 and #1 IPv4 BGP interconnections: lower latency, fewer


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